Q#: Enabling Scalable Quantum Computing and Development with a High-Level DSL


Quantum computing exploits quantum phenomena such as superposition and entanglement to realize a form of parallelism that is not available to traditional computing. It offers the potential of significant computational speed-ups in quantum chemistry, materials science, cryptography, and machine learning. The dominant approach to programming quantum computers is to provide an existing high-level language with libraries that allow for the expression of quantum programs. This approach can permit computations that are meaningless in a quantum context; prohibits succinct expression of interaction between classical and quantum logic; and does not provide important constructs that are required for quantum programming. We present Q#, a quantum-focused domain-specific language explicitly designed to correctly, clearly and completely express quantum algorithms. Q# provides a type system; a tightly constrained environment to safely interleave classical and quantum computations; specialized syntax; symbolic code manipulation to automatically generate correct transformations of quantum operations; and powerful functional constructs which aid composition.

Proceedings of the Real World Domain Specific Languages Workshop 2018

RWDSL ‘18. See also Ch. 8 of [Heim2020]