A Quantum PL Pronunciation Guide

Project Name Pronounced as
IQu haiku
LIQ$Ui|\rangle$ liquid
OpenQASM open chasm
PLanQC plank / Planck
PyQuil pie-quill
PyZX pizzix (like physics)
Q# Q-Sharp
QASM chasm
Qbricks Q-bricks / Kubrick’s
Qiskit kiss-kit AND quiss-kit1
Quil quill
QWIRE choir
Silq silk
SQIR squire
t$|$ket$\rangle$ ticket
VOQC vox
ZX zed ex

Bonus: Michael Nielsen and Isaac Chuang’s classic textbook Quantum Computation and Quantum Information is affectionately known as Mike and Ike.

  1. Source: How Do You Pronounce “Qiskit?"; also see an older tweet from the official Qiskit account. ↩︎